Collect 100 points and I will give you 10000 point Click on this link, choose what suits you and collect 200 points

You get Unlimited Time to deliver this remote job!

Please read this page carefully before joining the job. You are advised to understand the job description and delivery time. If you are unable to deliver the job within Unlimited Time, please contact the job owner and request increasing the delivery time.

Job Instructions:

First of all, you should message me
After you apply for the job, contact me in private and send your proof of work first to get approval and your points
Evidence required
1- Send the IP of your internet line
2- A screenshot of the number of points you have collected
Note:-Please accept my apologies if no job appears for you, as some countries do not have offers... and thank you
dhia aziz

Offered By Dhia Aziz

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I completed this SmallJob for 1,000 Points. I can say it is Good. 🙂

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