Write 150 SEO-friendly articles and archive it to

So that each article consists of 5000 words It guarantees high CPC keywords and should include images and videos

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This guide can be used

As I mentioned in the title, you will write these articles in the Amazigh language

And please write it well so that it is compatible with SEO and you will be required to be able to deal with WordPress, especially adding Rank Math.

You must also stick to the specified date and put photos and videos inside the article. If you see yourself able to do so, you can apply for this job

To be able to put together really good content, you need to gather the right resources. You will need to find at least 3 to 5 well-documented and trustworthy sources. If you are writing a personal story out of your head, you can skip this step.

However, we recommend that you read up on your top competitors and see if you can spot any gaps. Next, gather information about these gaps and try to cover them. You can use search operators to find really reliable sources of information that can back up statistics, such as numbers or case studies.

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