Create a gmail account then send me to get 2000 p

* The request: * no phone number * no recovery mail send it to my messages in structure user;password 2000 p / gmail

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Job Instructions:

Hello to all freelancers after i would like to introduce myself
I'm NGUYEN VU QUY, I'm happy to work with you
Job requirements:

1.  gmail does not need to enter recovery email
2.  gmail no need to enter phone number
3.  contact me via sms then send me all account info and password then you will get your reward

you can finish your work for as long as you like the number of accounts i need is unlimited you can do this every day and get your money i am looking forward to working with you you are long and lasting

you can use your computer and phone to create multiple gmail accounts without having to verify your phone number easily, every day you can create 10 gmails on one device and one ip address if like you clever

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very happy and welcome to this job

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Nguyen Vu Quy

Offered By Nguyen Vu Quy

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I completed this SmallJob for 1,000 Points. I can say it is Good. شخص صادق والعمل معه مربح وجيد

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I completed this SmallJob for 20K Points. I can say it is Very Good. the job is easy and can be done quickly

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