Sign up & install auto earn app to earn 5k points

You will have to register on a site and install its on your phone or computer. You will get $5 bonus and you'll be earning passive income with it.

You get 3 Days to deliver this remote job!

Please read this page carefully before joining the job. You are advised to understand the job description and delivery time. If you are unable to deliver the job within 3 Days, please contact the job owner and request increasing the delivery time.

Job Instructions:

These are the steps to complete this job.

1. Open the link -

2. Register on the website.

3. Install the app on your phone or computer and login in the app too.

4. Send your email with which you registered on the site.

Once you have completed all these steps, you'll earn 5000 alexamaster points. You will get the points if we find the email with which you registered on the site matching on our end.

Please note that if you delete the app after installing it, you will be reported on alexamaster and you will not get your points. Also do not try to cheat in any way else your alexamaster account will be banned.

On a plus point, you will be earning automatic passive income by following these steps. Just keep the app installed on your phone or computer and it will do the rest of the work. Once you have earned enough, you will be able to withdraw it via PayPal or Bitcoin.

Looking forwards to work with you.

Geeta Devi

Offered By Geeta Devi

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