Register account my ref 2$ minpay get 2000 poin

This is a german site that allows you to exchange traffic for the same site as alexamaster, minimum withdrawal is 2$, and you will get 2000 points

You get 2 Days to deliver this remote job!

Please read this page carefully before joining the job. You are advised to understand the job description and delivery time. If you are unable to deliver the job within 2 Days, please contact the job owner and request increasing the delivery time.

Job Instructions:

there are many ways to earn points at this site and the score is relatively high
1. earn points through email browsing, you will get MTP points
2. Earn points by clicking web or youtube video 1 click about 500 to 2000 points
3. earn autosurf suspension points like alexamaster with each ip address 1 month you earn about 4 Euro
4. 47500 points is equivalent to 1 Euro 96000 points you will reach the minimum withdrawal limit
5. Unlimited maximum withdrawals paid via paypal and euro coins

You register a new account with my link you will get 2000 points
1. Visit the link below
2. Register for an Account and confirm your email and phone number
3. you need to download the extension of ebesucher and install it in chrome or firefox then you need to enter your username in the user field then confirm the cookie for the browser and click the surf button to earn money
4.If you have more than 1 ip you can create more profile and add ip for that profile next install the utility but in the user section enter username.myip1 or username.yourt_ip1
5. send me your account id and nickname via message or google driver or you can upload the screenshot to some server and send it to me to get the job done

Quy Nguyen Van

Offered By Quy Nguyen Van

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I completed this SmallJob for 8K Points. I can say it is Very Good. working fast and very efficient thank you

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