Sign up for a honeygain account to earn money auto

you will get 5$ bonus when you register an account through my link And you will get 2000 points for your account at alexamaster

You get Unlimited Time to deliver this remote job!

Please read this page carefully before joining the job. You are advised to understand the job description and delivery time. If you are unable to deliver the job within Unlimited Time, please contact the job owner and request increasing the delivery time.

Job Instructions:


1. Please visit the link below

2. next you will need a gmail make sure you have created a gmail account

3. Please click the REGITERS TO CLAIM button 5$

4. Please fill in the necessary information including email address "is gmail" and password

Note that the password consists of 1 special character 1 uppercase character and at least 1 numeric character, then you need to access your gmail account and confirm the email for the honeygain account

5. I recommend you choose the payment method is JumpTask instead of paypal, if you choose the payment method is paypal, the minimum amount to be able to pay is 20$ and the payment method via JumpTask is 0.1$ ie. you can withdraw money from honeygain app once an hour fully automatically

if you choose the payment method is JumpTask you need to create an additional Metamask cryptocurrency wallet to receive money and withdraw usdt to exchanges like binance

So you have set up your account

6. download honeygain app to your phone or computer to earn money automatically, you can add up to 10 devices with 10 different ip addresses make sure all are residential or network ip mobile 4g

7. if you have enough 10 ip addresses per month you can earn 80$ for wifi residential ip and more than 100$ for 4g mobile network ip address

8. to complete the work and get your reward points at alexamaster please send your registered email address under my affiliate code then i will check and confirm the reward for you

Quy Nguyen Van

Offered By Quy Nguyen Van

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