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fully automatic earn with per2profit you can earn more than 500$ per month with this app and get 2000 bonus points at alexamaster for signup with my

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Job Instructions:

1 please visit the website

https://t.me/peer2profit_app_bot?start=166140878563071611da55e login with web telegram and auto account creation

Or you can go directly on the homepage


Code: 166140878563071611da55e

Please fill out all information including


[email protected]

Password: @Your_Pass123

Confirm Password: @Your_Pass123

the most important in the Referral code section

 please enter this code 166140878563071611da55e to receive money at alexamaster, after registration is complete please go to your gmail address to check and verify your account

2. you can withdraw when you earn a minimum of 2$ at this site through the form of crypto currency USDT, BUSD, TRON, BITCOIN, ETHERUM ...etc

3. this site makes money by sharing internet bandwidth and it accepts all residential ip and data center ip

4. to earn more than 100$ or up to 500$ at this site first you need to have a very strong computer that can create many virtual machines, and you need to have many ip addresses to assign to each virtual machine with a different ip address then you need to download the per2profit.exe application on the homepage and install it in the virtual machine so that it can automatically make money for you

5. Finally to receive 2000 bonus points at alexamaster please copy the registered email address at https://dashboard.peer2profit.app/

account added code 166140878563071611da55e then i will check and pay you bonus

6. wish you a lot of money

Vu Thi Tuyen

Offered By Vu Thi Tuyen

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