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To build our influencer community, we are looking for dedicated and active people who know their way around social platforms like Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube. If you are interested in a very good passive income, please contact me without obligation. 

BEST4FRIENDS is a network and marketplace for affiliates, influencers, online marketers, bloggers, vloggers, local guides, and anyone who wants to make money by working online. The BEST4FRIENDS agencies for advertising, marketing, and e-commerce as well as all other partners are independent licensees. They work as regional guides or specialize in different sectors and topics in their language area/country. One of her tasks is to provide advice and practical support to small and medium-sized companies in the challenges of digitization.

The partners of the BEST4FRIENDS network have recognized how important a community is for successful work on the Internet. Most affiliates, bloggers, influencers, and others are lone wolves and competitors with little success. Many of them have a lot of knowledge in online marketing but cannot earn sufficient income. The requirements in the markets have developed to such an extent that teams are needed instead of individuals for successful implementation. That is why the BEST4FRIENDS network is made up of internationally active online marketing managers and experts for individual areas.

Michael Crown 


Michael Crown

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