signup on and send me the

signup on Facebook and send me the confirmed user email along with password also and I will give 7000 points.

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Job Instructions:

first go to

second create a new fresh Facebook id

third add your real first name and last name

fourth give your real phone number and include your strong password and lastly

lastly confirm that Facebook id and then I will add points to your accounts for sure


send me like this

First Name:

Last Name:

phone number:



your user email id:


send me the message that you have completed the job I gave you

if you can complete this task under 1 week I will confirm you that and I will give 7k points in return to you.

I am new to giving small jobs on alexamaster so I am not sure that I will have post a genuinine small job.

thank you regards

we are the Facebook bulk email senders who ask people to create a Facebook accounts and give them points in return to few thousand points.

I don't think alexamaster is a bad website. why I am giving this job is because at we everyday wan to make Facebook popular so that you can have a good experience with

there are not much thing to do in this task so happy completing the jobs at the website.

chao to all the peoples who want to complete my jobs. the end

chao to all the peoples who want to complete my jobs. the end

Nirjal Shakya

Offered By Nirjal Shakya

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