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Web Traffic Statistics & Bidding Data

Web traffic statistics and bidding data for advertisers in Alexa Master community. This data report will provide you some of our web analysis from the web traffic data that we collected. If you use our online platform to boost your website visitors, we recommend you to understand how to bid for better traffic. Just read our blogs and watch YouTube videos, if you want to learn more about bidding.

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Visits From Top Countries (Max Bid - Points per Visit)
#CountryFlagYesterday VisitsWeekly AverageMonthly AverageMax Bid
1United Statesflag United States1.7M11.7M50.1M11
2South Koreaflag South Korea588.7K4.1M17.7M9
3Vietnamflag Vietnam276.8K1.9M8.3M10
4Japanflag Japan206.1K1.4M6.2M10
5Singaporeflag Singapore157.9K1.1M4.7M10
6United Kingdomflag United Kingdom145.2K1M4.4M11
7Chinaflag China130.4K912.9K3.9M11
8Spainflag Spain126K882K3.8M9
9Indiaflag India123.9K867.6K3.7M11
10Germanyflag Germany120.1K840.8K3.6M11
11Swedenflag Sweden86K601.9K2.6M9
12Hong Kong SAR Chinaflag Hong Kong SAR China78K546K2.3M10
13Australiaflag Australia62K433.8K1.9M9
14Netherlandsflag Netherlands53.5K374.5K1.6M9
15United Arab Emiratesflag United Arab Emirates34.5K241.2K1M7
16Taiwanflag Taiwan33.4K234K1M8
17Franceflag France32K223.8K959K7
18Chileflag Chile31.6K221K947.3K8
19Israelflag Israel28.9K202.4K867.3K7
20South Africaflag South Africa21.6K151K647.3K5
21Switzerlandflag Switzerland19.7K137.9K590.9K5
22Ukraineflag Ukraine19.3K135K578.6K6
23Turkeyflag Turkey18.9K132.6K568.4K6
24Brazilflag Brazil17.6K123K527.2K7
25Romaniaflag Romania16.7K117.2K502.4K6
26Russiaflag Russia16.2K113.7K487.1K5
27Canadaflag Canada16.2K113.1K484.6K5
28Philippinesflag Philippines13.2K92.5K396.3K5
29Irelandflag Ireland12.4K87.1K373.4K4
30Bulgariaflag Bulgaria11.4K79.6K341K5
31Portugalflag Portugal10.1K71K304.4K4
32Egyptflag Egypt10K69.9K299.5K5
33Serbiaflag Serbia8.5K59.2K253.7K4
34Italyflag Italy8.4K58.7K251.6K5
35Hungaryflag Hungary8.3K58.4K250.2K5
36Polandflag Poland8.3K58.2K249.6K4
37Denmarkflag Denmark7.4K51.6K221.3K4
38Finlandflag Finland6.8K47.6K204K4
39Saudi Arabiaflag Saudi Arabia5.9K41.1K176.1K3
40Argentinaflag Argentina4.5K31.8K136.1K4
41Czech Republicflag Czech Republic4.5K31.6K135.4K4
42Ecuadorflag Ecuador4K27.9K119.7K3
43Indonesiaflag Indonesia3.3K23.2K99.2K4
44Luxembourgflag Luxembourg3.2K22.4K95.8K4
45Algeriaflag Algeria3.2K22.1K94.8K3
46Kuwaitflag Kuwait2.9K20.6K88.4K4
47Colombiaflag Colombia2.4K17.1K73.4K3
48Nepalflag Nepal2.4K16.9K72.4K3
49Malaysiaflag Malaysia2.1K14.6K62.6K3
50Austriaflag Austria1.9K13K55.7K3
51Kazakhstanflag Kazakhstan1.8K12.7K54.5K3
52Tunisiaflag Tunisia1.8K12.7K54.2K3
53Greeceflag Greece1.8K12.4K53.1K3
54Cambodiaflag Cambodia1.7K11.8K50.4K3
55Moroccoflag Morocco1.6K11.3K48.2K3
56Thailandflag Thailand1.5K10.8K46.1K3
57Costa Ricaflag Costa Rica1.3K8.9K38K3
58Cyprusflag Cyprus1.1K7.9K33.9K3
59Albaniaflag Albania1.1K7.8K33.3K3
60Estoniaflag Estonia1.1K7.7K32.9K3
61Belarusflag Belarus1.1K7.6K32.6K3
62Armeniaflag Armenia1K7.1K30.2K3
63Icelandflag Iceland8125.7K24.4K3
64Nigeriaflag Nigeria7255.1K21.8K3

Our web traffic statistics shows 9,500,000,000+ unique visits since 2013!

Unlike other services, we collect web traffic data to monitor how Alexa Master community performs. These big data will be stored and processed to generate important statistics reports that help our online advertisers and freelancers. However, considering privacy issues, we do not collect data from IP addresses which are marked as private. Even if we collected any data, we erase them within a 1 month period. Due to this reason, we recommend our advertisers to use a third-party analytics program for the long run. Somehow, we are not responsible for the web analytics you see on their interfaces as many of them are too technical for a normal user.

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Developer Dilantha keeps updating the system to avoid Bot hits, Dark traffic and proxy visits that destroy the quality of our service. Above data are 99.98% accurate as our counters have 99.99% uptime.

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What do we do with our big data & statistics?

As shown on our Data Policy, we use these data to monitor our web traffic, members, and other technical activities that help us to fight against cyber threats and fake users. We have a system to block some IP addresses that violate our Terms of Service. We do not collect or store any data from blocked or black-listed IPs due to security issues. Just try joining us to make sure your IP is white-listed or not.

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